Monday, April 18, 2011

Poem: Small

Note: If you are looking for my poem "Owl" go here:


Originally published in Scythe Literary Journal. I wish I had more mental power to say good things about Scythe and its incredibly dedicated editors, Joe and Chenelle Milford.

Right now, I feel like a plastic zombie, whose every word is ridiculously lacking in substance.

Carry forth!




i dissolve
into the gyri of a metropolis,
feeling like protein juice
swilled by an AI.

as if Twitter were galactic,
my sentience small.
vesicle in a capillary
of a hive.

what purchase
in this asphalt nest?
how to nudge the orbits
of vain colossi?

bursts in me like a nova.
i have comets and craters
for tears.

but the great black
eye sockets of empire
pass right over,
as if i were a planchet.
nothing there.

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