Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Release: Vox Humana Third Issue


Vox Humana Literary Journal and Vox Humana Books are relatively new and yet clearly professional. The website is aesthetic in detail and impressively unique.

Authors represented by VH display the highest caliber of writing. There is no doubt that this is a serious enterprise aiming to enrich culture and foster dialogue on a world scale. Editor Philip Hyams is a Canadian/Israeli novelist, poet, artist, journalist and film producer; and he must surely work diligently and painstakingly on this generous venture, which includes novels, books of poetry, a literary journal and writer representation through Impressum Books, a daughter company of Vox Humana.

Although open to submissions on a wide variety of topics, VH has positioned itself to specialize in a critical niche market: work that concerns Israel, Palestine and the Middle East. There are already excellent novels on these themes available through VH Press. You will also find poetry by extremely accomplished writers like Ruth Fogelman. Elisha Porat and several others.

This is a young journal, but it is very likely to gain a holdfast in the best echelons of the literary world. The focus on Israeli-Palestinian issues, combined with a broader call for global insight, is compelling. Editor Hyams has obviously put his heart into finding those rare writers who are capable of fomenting widely relevant discussion.

I’m very thrilled that three of my best poems appear in this Third Issue of Vox Humana. You can access them via the following link, but I’d recommend spending some time on the site, reading the works of other poets. It will gratify your mind.

One last thing. As a triad, my three poems at VH sum up the meager amount of wisdom and philosophy I have managed to gather in almost five decades. I’m pleased and honored they have found such a special home.



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