Friday, November 5, 2010

Homeless Story of J, Part 13

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These are grim times. The United States, on a material binge for fifty years, has finally crashed. In the aftermath, neurotic citizens blame everyone but themselves, and gravitate to charismatic demagogues who provide convenient scapegoats. Meanwhile, wealth continues to concentrate in the hands of an ultra-rich faction: "the 1% within the 1%."

Universities are labeled “liberal indoctrination centers.” Anyone who challenges the angry uneducated horde is "elitist." In the words of Robert McNamara, "rationality can't save us." The psychology of the majority rules.

Things might get worse, much so. But I have come to a revelation, encapsulated as follows: there is a Divine Good. Perhaps this sounds Christian. Or Hindu. Or Taoist. But I am talking about a plane higher than any particular religion.

I refer to some magical presence that can be glimpsed through a body of truths which transcend custom and convention.

Some would call mine a "natural law" view, yet I much prefer "natural beauty." Thomas Aquinas had a similar view, associating the Earth with God’s will. But, importantly, he identifies the Great Good with a particular deity, the Christian, and so he fails.

The Good transcends attempts of supremacists to pin it to their faith. The Divine Good is a wellspring of ambrosia from which all religions draw, yet they become selfish. Exclusionary.

I have decided to worship the "Forces of Goodness," which I suppose will take a certain shape for me. Everyone's relation to them will be different. Everyone has personalized interactions with the spirit world.

Again, my theory is one of natural beauty. The term "natural law" does not capture the passionate essence of things. The good manifests,in all realms form the artistic to the juridical. It encompasses both mind and physics, blending them (as happens in Quantum Mechanics).

As the postmodern polis deteriorates, individuals can steer a noble course. Such is my salvation in these times of bigotry and effigy.

I pray to the Forces of Goodness. Maybe they will take the form of a Woman, in my case. (prayer, here, is conceived to be a spiritual not religious activity).

A danger arises now. My allegiance is not to a country but rather the Divine Good. However, I can uphold all that is good in the Constitution while not obeying corrupt leaders.

This I know:

We live in purgatory. This planet is a stage. The good will judge us by how well we lived in terms of fostering and advancing its beauty.

Even as I write, I feel a healing Goddess. She is real and I worship her. This bond will give me strength. Even in the darkest night, the good watches.



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