Monday, September 6, 2010

My Poem Up At: Bolts Of Silk

If you get a chance, you can find one of my best nature poems ("Outside") featured right now at Bolts of Silk, which is one of my favorite journals. So, a great combination. I hardly ever get it just right, and if you have a spare moment, why not glance over this short yet potent poem?

It's about 12 lines long and took months to edit into worthy shape.

Thanks as always to one of my FAVORITE editors on the web, Juliet Wilson. She's a fantastic writer and poet, and a great leader in the literary world too.

If my patient wife Shanna and I weren't busy making bottles and bottles of applesauce, and canning them, an arduous task, I'd have a lot more energy to praise this editor's abilities, as I have in the past.

Yay Druidess Wilson!


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