Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homeless Story of J 12, Part 12

This is a work of fiction. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the writer.



I couldn’t contain my anger at the forces of stupidity. Most people hide their frustration and wear a mask. I could not. Now I openly accuse fools and immoral dogs, but no one will listen. My sustenance is the truth. It cannot keep me safe.

There are plenty of discarded newspapers, and I keep up on things. My hero is Paul Krugman, a columnist. Over and over, he demonstrates that the “angry rich” and their pocket politicians manipulate the gullible public. The politicians spew blatant lies and logical contradictions; but their target audience, untrained in logic, laps it up.

These stupid masses are pawns of monsters. Here is Bill Clinton talking about the zealotry of one gullible group of citizens, the Tea Party:

"They think the little guy gets the shaft, and that's largely been true. But they are pawns in a larger game," he said. "The people that are funding this tea party are trying to weaken the government at a moment where people are queasy about the government ... so they can have unaccountable private power."

From an article by Michael A. Memoli,

The top 1% controls 23% of the total wealth, a percentage on the rise. It indicates social disease as much as a bulging cyst. In other words, the greedy rich are extremely dangerous. They play the system, lobby (aka legalized bribery) for more and more.

These despicable tactics have been used by tyrants forever. As Thomas G. Donlan says, “The lesson of history is that we don’t learn the lessons of history.”

People like Krugman run up against the roadblock of ignorance. People so full of smug ego they can’t think outside their own definitions.

The politicians work to keep their herds dumb. They gut educational funding, subsidize a huge military. Teachers are not as important as guns. Teachers reduce fear. Guns increase fear. Fear is a leash.

It has come to the point where millions of Americans want to be led into violence. Perhaps it is an unconscious hysteria. They are not aware of their own hate. Our country is an constant war, decades upon decades. They shrug. Cheer for their football team.

The dysfunction, following Occam's Razor, can be reduced to one force: greed.

(1) A small faction of the population that has amassed huge amounts of wealth.

(2) These mega-elites use whatever tactic they can (without exposing themselves) to manipulate a vulnerable people.

(3) The mega-elites rely on their minions to whip up furor. Logic has no place in their puppet show. Distorted patriotism reigns. Concepts like "freedom" are prostituted and distorted to drive the herd. Freedom becomes freedom for the wealthy to get wealthier.

(4) In this way, the greedy expand their status, and privatize (acquire) more and more aspects of life.

It’s that simple. Avarice in destructive, mind-twisting forms.

I am tired of watching ignorance win souls. It’s a horrible game, the bureaucracy grinds you down.

Even homeless, I still have the weapon of writing. The internet makes it possible. I speak up.

As I’ve said in the past, the answer is simple, the solution impossible. Without empathy, we are all selfish and broken spirits. The old Roman saying emerges:

homo homini lupus


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