Friday, February 12, 2010

Poem: Apple

After the last few posts, it is time to focus on something positive. Yes, even Owl Who Laughs gets tired of ranting now and then; and in the waning of his anger there surges deep fascination.

Below is reprinted one of my most sensuous poems, “Apple,” which was published in the journal Wild Violet.

Wild Violet has been around since 2001 and is still going strong. Editor Alyce Wilson publishes evocative and luxurious pieces, changing the mood of her craft every season. Each issue has its own customized name and design.

My poem “Apple” appears in the Spring 2008 issue,“Vernal Urge,” and can be found here, in situ, if you like:

Wilson is one of those rare special people who not only becomes an editor, a tough demanding job, but perseveres for an amazing time. Wild Violet is nearing its ten year anniversary.

What an accomplishment! And what a gift Wilson has given to poetry lovers--to carry her journal through an entire decade (almost), building a reservoir of lovely words and literary passions.

I can only bow in awe before such a magnanimous feat. No one in the poetry world is getting paid, and editors, unlike us self-absorbed poets, immerse in the voices of others. A consummate act of giving.

Thank you, Alyce Wilson, for your tremendous accomplishments and tireless search after the best of the human heart.

Now, without further ado, my poem:



womb of tastes
that bloom on tongues,
brushing lips like a rose;
orb of warmth; purse of vitality,
humming against mouths,
a nude sylph’s song,
as if taste buds were sun-drenched

you curve
like the breasts of robins blending.
paintbrushes perk to trace
your lust:
sloped chartreuse, buxom red.
rubies burn envious.
sunsets mimic then fade.

let me dive
into your pulpy scent,
chalice of watery honey—
kiss then release me to float,
succor me with remembrance,
the immortal mist of you,
the nurturant embers.



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