Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Fantabulous Scrumptious Marvelicious Poetry and Art Spectaculariuml!!

The February 2010 issue of The Centrifugal Eye is out (volume 5 number 1), and it is truly absolutely consummately amazing. Editor Eve Hanninen, skilled and experienced as a professional in both the literary and art worlds, has masterfully conjured (with the help of her loyal team) one of the greatest shows in poetry.

My slight insinuation of a circus is wholly appropriate; for this marvelous issue is themed, and it runs like this: Troblems & Prubbles: All Mixed Up.

Hanninen’s email invitation to this splendiferous issue starts out as follows:

“I’m excited to unveil the first issue in The Centrifugal Eye’s 2010 annual redesign — our Troblems & Prubbles: All Mixed-Up theme. You’ll find out for yourselves exactly what I mean by that. Hold onto your toques, hoods, ball caps, headbands, and scarves, because our delightful and breezy airs might overturn all expectations as they spin into creative zephyrs!”

Keep in mind, this is not just poetry, not just art, but poetry and art combined into a razzle-dazzling aesthetically rich journey into the chimerical. There is NOTHING like this anywhere else in the world of online expression. This is indeed:

The Greatest Poetry and Art Show on Earth!!!

I exhort, plead, wheedle, importune and blandish you, go check out this issue. You’ll find a couple of my poems there, but so much more and so much better.

Hanninen has clearly plunged into the redesign of TCE, and you too will immerse in another world, one seamless in its bounty of painted abracadabras and supple-tongued legerdemains.

The vigorous hues, the surreal joy and occasional tragedy, the fusion of Dali-esque and Van Gogh-style energies--throw in a pinch of Picasso and Kahlo. Whoooppeeee!!!!

I am doing avatar cartwheels and chandelles just thinking about it.