Thursday, January 21, 2010

Acceptance in Ophelia Street

Ophelia Street, a witty eccentric journal with a sassy dark edge, took one of my most hard-hitting poems, “The Cut,” which deals with suicide. The poem is somewhat like the venue. Sarcastic in a charming way that disarms. Only after you chuckle do you realize the irony: the content is not a chuckling matter.

Another way to look at it is this: Ophelia Street gets around your defenses with original creative language. Perhaps we, the readers, are even subconsciously eager to be led along by a arrestingly wry wit.

If a mandatory trip through hell is on the itinerary, best to have a guide who can get you to laugh a little and learn something, instead of closing your eyes.

Ophelia Street doesn’t just delve into the humorous dark. They have wonderful poems of all sorts and flavors. One thing I appreciate more and more as I read online, is the ability to comment on individual works.. The editors of OS not only allow this, they have also created (what looks to me) like a ranking system, where the contributors names jumble in a mosaic and the most popular bloom into bigger fonts.

(Alas, I am not even present on the list. An invisible no-hit mote)

I know there’s a name for this sort of visual trend map. I’ve seen it on other sites, notably those that monitor hot topics on the web, like

Incidentally, “The Cut” was workshopped at The Rooster Moans, a wonderful online community that is currently starved for active members . If you are a dedicated poet and looking for a cooperative environment to create in, check out Rooster Moans. They are super-intelligent and kind folks, who respond well to good listeners and team players.

And go visit Ophelia Street!

Here’s the acceptance letter, which I thought was charismatic and clever (but something sharp down below the blandishment, which seems the OS way):


Dear [Owl Who Laughs],

We at Ophelia Street appreciate your submissions. We appreciate them so much, in fact, "The Cut" has gone live, and millions upon trillions of people can read it at Well, millions upon trillions could read it if you help spread the word: Tell your friends, bribe your family and put up fliers near libraries and coffee shops.

Also, quick as we are to jump on the latest trends, Ophelia Street has a Facebook group you can join and spread the word through


Whatever you decide to do regarding your work is up to you. We're just proud to have you aboard the good ship Ophelia.


Seán, editor


Thank you, Ophelia Street!!



  1. congratulations on another acceptance. i'm going to head on over to ophelia street now!

  2. Congratulations on your submission, just read The Cut on Looking forward to see even more submissions. Until then feel free to check this link