Monday, January 25, 2010

Acceptance in The Centrifugal Eye

The Centrifugal Eye (TCE) recently took two of my poems, which will appear in the March issue. I must confess that I did not know much about this journal when I submitted, only that the editor, Eve Hanninen, had published one of my favorite Maine poets, P.J. Nights. Was I in for a surprise, one of the most wonderful of my literary life.

First of all, Hanninen wowed me with superb ways to improve the poems. Not only that, her thoughts were presented with immaculate professionalism. Color-coded and enumerated on working copies. I knew right away I was dealing with someone honed from the rigor of the business side of things, where the competition is tough, the customer demanding, and the standards for a good payday witheringly high.

It was a huge honor just to be working with this person. I credit myself with enough intelligence to realize this--eventually. First I had to get over my stupid ego, then being stunned and even awed. Editorial suggestions usually leave me disappointed. This was an extraordinary moment in my eight years of working with poetry editors. But would Hanninen’s Centrifugal Eye reflect the quality of her discerning eye?

I researched and ...

The answer is a resounding Yes. If you are looking for a small list of journals to read, this one should be near the top. Not only stellar poetry, but fantastic artwork interspersed among the hypnotic writings. Hanninen, it turns out, has a background in both the art and literary worlds. Few venues combine visuals and literature, and even fewer do it well, and only a small consummate subset get it absolutely right. TCE is meridian.

The Centrifugal Eye is the biggest shock of delight and one of the most memorable and special moments in my journey as an obsessed word-wanderer. This is a MUST SEE place, run by an outstanding team leader (another talent of Hanninen: she knows how to organize and work with a staff). If you want to volunteer in the literary scene, try here; but be prepared to meet the highest standards and express your honest love for the personality of this beautiful journal. Here dwell not only silver-tongued works, but those of every precious flavor.


  1. Thank you truly, again and again, forever, in the best way!

  2. Good job! I will check out the Eye!