Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Acceptance In Shalla Magazine

Yesterday I was contacted by the Acquisitions Editor at Shalla Magazine, Cleo Sharpe, who asked if they could reprint some of my work. After a research check, I quickly agreed.

What I found out is that Shalla Magazine gives a fabulous boost to both literary and genre writers. Shalla DeGuzman, the creator, is bursting with positive energy, and she is not shy about getting interviews with top-of-the-line professionals. For instance, Shalla interviews Patricia Maxwell (aka Jennifer Blake), who is maybe the greatest and most legendary romance novelist of all.

It’s a good interview, too. Here is one excerpt that I found particularly honest and gritty about the working side of the craft:

“Writing is a profession that requires intensive study and practice; talent isn’t enough. A musician doesn’t expect to play to a sold-out crowd at his first gig, nor does an artist think he’ll sell his first sketch; they know they must work to reach the highest level of their profession. So it is with writing. You have to learn the inner workings of story and practice the art of putting readable words on paper. There’s no other way.” (Patricia Maxwell)

I think it absolutely incredible that Shalla Magazine, a relatively new voice on the cyberscene, is pursuing interviews of this caliber. I mean, wow! There’s an assertive charm and sense of star quality about this journal.

I also want to mention that Shalla interviews Barbara Quinn, a talented novelist who publishes and manages The Rose & Thorn. If you don’t know R&T, you should check out their website. They provide all kinds of resources for all kinds of writers. One of the best supports on the web.

Which leads to another strength of Shalla Magazine: They don’t compete with other journals. They share. Part of their mission is to promote other editors and journals.

From the website (

“What makes us a wee bit different from other literary magazines--besides the fact that we accept genre (if it's excellent, we will publish it)--is that we honor other literary magazines. We feature other magazines, other editors, other publishers and help them shine!”

In addition to interviews, Shalla Magazine also showcases great work. A recent issue, for example, offers the poetry of Changming Yuan, author of several books and hundreds of poems, who emigrated from China and now teaches and writes in Vancouver.

The practice of publishing reprints and previously published work means that the quality at SM is superb. The site shines with literary luster while making others shine.

That’s what’s what you get at Shalla Magazine: fairness, coolness, freshness and excellence. A passport to glimpse at the best.

A big thank you to Shalla DeGuzman and also Cleo Sharpe and the other editors for their hard work and marvelous accomplishments.



  1. congratulations on the publication and it sounds like a great journal, I'll definitely check it out....

  2. Crafty Green! Wonderful to see you here. You've made my day!

  3. Hi, Shalla here,
    your editor/publisher/cheerleader from SHALLA Magazine,

    Thanks for the compliments!

    Right back to ya--I just posted a link to your blog on our Let's SHALLA Blog...

    Nice blog you got here :)

  4. Many thanks for the lovely accolade posted here, OWL. (Shalla, being as generous as you say, sent a link to it.) I don't know that it's deserved, but it's truly more than appreciated.
    Warmest wishes for much success,
    Patricia Maxwell
    aka Jennifer Blake

  5. Hi Shalla,

    I'm sure you are busy and I'm very honored by your visit to my blogsite.

    All I can do is reiterate to anyone who comes here that Shalla Magazine is conducting interviews beyond what I've seen anywhere else in the cyberpress writers' world--very impressive interviews with the most successful people in their fields.

    A really special magazine with its own charimstic personality and a tremendous venue for anyone who wants to be a serious writer, or just reader of the best work.

    Thanks Again!


  6. Ms. Maxwell,

    You're obviously a consummate professional who ought to be listened to by anyone serious about the craft.

    The ongoing stream of writers' tips on your website provides a generous offering, as does your kindness in deigning to visit my blog.

    Thank you!


    PS: Patrica Maxwell's website: