Sunday, December 13, 2009

Acceptance in Monongahela Review

It’s been a fantastic month for me in terms of poetry acceptances. Monongahela Review just took two of my darker pieces, “Monster,” and “Don Giovanni In Hell."

I’ve spoken before about Monongahela, a cosmopolitan up-and-comer of a journal, which has some of the best prefaces I’ve ever read in the small press. They publish a wide range of moods and styles, honoring both new and established poets.

I’m glad they saw the power in my duet of eerie poems. The voice inside me that wrote them is grateful!



  1. reminds me of Antonio Porchia (trans. Merwin):

    The truth has very few friends/and most of them are suicides.

  2. I hear that, and it stings most surely--

    but I have a phrase I use (for years now) to keep me close to the truth yet alive:

    It is best to be able to write about your suicide after you have committed it.