Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Some People Don't Want Gay Marriage

The reason why some people don’t want gay marriage is the same reason many still don’t want interracial marriage--a longstanding bias built into their culture and reinforced by the brute weight of tradition.

And what is tradition, in this sense, except an excuse to be biased? And what is culture, in this guise, except an insidious software?

Get a clue: the human brain resembles a computer in relevant ways. It can be programmed. And the programs readily transmit from head to head, generation to generation. The process of molding children includes a good old fashioned brainwash. The goal is to habituate thought into a straight line.

Children are born malleable to facilitate the data transfer. This is evolution’s way of rewarding survival. Unfortunately these are not the best strategies, merely attempts; and when they include the baggage of religion--as opposed to, say, techniques for catching fish or cooking poison out of a certain kind of berry--they are particularly prone to inefficiency and obsolescence.

Read: injustice.

Traditional belief systems that started out as means of survival, and then mutated into sacrosanct feedback loops, have built up mountains of wrongness. Not just mistakes. Atrocious wrongness.

Think of the millennia when women went uneducated and were little more than abused servants. Think of the millennia in which gays and lesbians were condemned and destroyed. Think of the broad stretches of time when innovation, whether in art or science, was the enemy.

Think of all the wasted hope, the unheard pain, the punished truth, and the tortured innocence. From the first kingdoms of Sumer and Babylon to the McCarthyism of the US Empire, the norm has been to lock the human mind in a mental dungeon, overseen by despotic social rules.

And yes these rules have a life of their own, far beyond the strength of any one person to change them. They are the machine code of the Subconscious. In this sense, we all live together in a kind of quasi-Matrix, a lá Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.


Read: despicable injustice that is designed to reproduce and delude as many minds as it can. A cerebral parasite that perhaps, long ago, might have been a tad symbiotic.

Why don’t some people want gay marriage? They are programmed by a willful self-perpetuating mechanism.

Wake up, please. Become more than numb iterations.


  1. Yes, many who oppose gay-marriage are stuck in their ways and most likely are homophobic. As frustrating and sad as this may be, you have to respect that.

    What would your best defense against polygamy be? (I'm assuming you don't believe in it.) I'm also guessing that you would say something along the lines of "Because marriage is for 2 people only". Is that a very good reason? No. But is it still your ethical opinion? Yes. So then the question would be whether you swallow up your beliefs and choose to allow people to follow theirs, or you choose to oppose this entirely.

    This dilemma is very similar to the gay marriage controversy. You would be against polygamy because it is wrong, but to you, that would an entirely different story than gay marraige. Everyone should have rights, but polygamy is wrong to you, so it shouldn't be allowed.

    Sorry, sorry. Of course, these could not be your beliefs at all (or they very well could), but hopefully it is a step in the right direction in putting yourselves in others' shoes.

    By the way, I am 100% pro gay-marriage. I hope that it will someday become accepted, and that everyone can be truly equal. But, you never know. Humans tend to act unpredictably.

    Just some food for thought!

    - H. Tudor

  2. I'm against polygamy as we've seen it, men sagging beyond midlife with a harem of young women dipping far into the teens.

    Oppression is a huge problem.

    If men can be made to accept women as equals, anything is possible.