Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If you're in a Tryptophan daze, why not read some poems to lull you to sleep?

Thieves Jargon Magazine posted their latest issue, #125, on Turkey Day:

You’ll find three poems of mine therein, and they’re real festive .... yeah, festive.

PS: by “Turkey Day” I mean a day to appreciate and protect the living creatures of our rare and miraculous planet Gaea. In other words, Turkey Day should be every day.

PPS: Aren’t we fuckin’ lucky to be alive! I mean, isn’t it just ASTOUNDING that you are currently interpreting little symbols strung together on an ethereal sheet of electric paper; and if you let your mind relax you can feel thousands of sensations, all interconnected within your consciousness. Each of us is a “SELF.”


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