Sunday, September 27, 2009


Owl Who Laughs is an alter-ego of a poet-philosopher who is pretty persnickety in his own right. When diffracted through prisms in the UnderMind, his sensitivity and anger intensify to fuel the mini-jeremiads of Owl Who Laughs.

Perhaps the poet has made a Faustian bargain with the spirits. Maybe whatever faulty eloquence he musters comes at the price of nicks and sips to his soul.

Or maybe Truth is a harried creature, exiled by civilization, and long gone feral. It stares through the darkness of social deceit like a predator. Swoops down and relishes a morsel of joy as it indicts.

Beware. Owl Who Laughs does not guffaw like businessmen at a french restaurant or musically chuckle like belles at a soiree. The creature’s laugh is nigh on a screech. It is a forced alternative to the other option, when faced with a disgusting world of inveterate atrocity and ubiquitous injustice.

Read on only if you feel that the norm of sanity has gone blind.

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