Monday, September 28, 2009

Poem: Sunset Song

Here’s a poem I published recently, in a very fine journal called Bolts of Silk. Those that wish to sleuth may now sleuth.

Sunset Song

tea-leaf sky,
crushed calendulas and smeared mallows.
the sun flees this garden
like Romeo growing redder,
exiled by his blush.

we want to spread this marmalade,
like toddlers brazen and quick,
swirl with our raised fingerpainting fingers,
and loose a giggle as we splatter forth
a dragon’s yellow tail.

we want to bubble with laughter
that fizzes in our throats,
bloom bouquets on bright breaths,
and float with them, giddy
as dandelion puffs.

the gorgets of once-seen hawks,
embers fleeting and rare,
tint our bottomless eyes.
sunset has given us answers,
more certain than the dark.
never again these reaches to be known
as empty.

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