Saturday, June 4, 2016

Poem: Last Ride

This poem is from my chapbook, Cantabile of Whims.  My friend Jon Wing Lum liked this little collection.  He died recently.  He was a great man.


Last Ride

a vole scrabbles
to unlock a cactus nest,
cranes into the hush of owl talons,
seeing with a last glimpse

an earth-brown rattlesnake
swallow a blue egg;
and a moon that rears parched,
hissing over a pilgrimage
of tarantulas.

beyond gallows of racked joshuas
and tanblack capes,
somber mesas confer,
as close to a Great Judge
as doomed squeaks will ever get.

and farther away,
tawny as sand,
a dislocated cougar
slouching through the heat waves,
prowling their miles.


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