Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Acceptance: Offcourse (Issue 59)


I'm looking forward to the release of the lastest issue of Offcourse, scheduled for December 24.  In it will appear three of my poems: "Closer," "Los," and "Break Up."  One of them is actually not a criticism of humanity's sheeplike ability to avoid asking tough ethical questions.

Thanks as always to the excellent editorial team of Drs. Ricardo and Isabel Nirenberg!

See if you can guess which one from the first lines of the poems (to read the rest, check out issue 59 on Christmas Eve!):


moon in smog scrim
lists behind Narcissus--he as a streetlamp--
as trash lolls, hunkering
down windy boulevards.



sunset baked the folk, millions of them,
all flavored different the same.


Break Up

=>wasn’t what he wanted, could/couldn’t,
so ineffectual in its swallow-of-the-tail,
an exasperative fix.


Not too hard, right?

Have a good holiday season.



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