Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Poem: Written

Originally published in Ithaca Lit (Summer 2014).  A very difficult yet beloved poem for me, which I worked on for almost a year.




it was written.
the holes between the letters
formed small eyes.  looked up.

all that code
soon to reach around the Earth.
parades of happysad tomorrows,
always something fresh.

the phrases would make
their own revisions,
rescript the plot,
fruit the novel’s weight.

it was never
intended to finish in the first place
or specify a start.

now that she had created
the twined characters,
they wrote her back,
were what she was, pulled her
into their expanding personas,
every urge a seed
on an unpredictable trip.

she couldn’t take credit
for the garden the chapters would become. 
it was embodied
before this all began,
had pricked the pace of her will,
unfurled the ardor
of her desperation.

she wanted

to capitalize Love
and reached for the pen in
those final moments,
before the nuances in the ink
nestled into a glisten of skins
to breathe.


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