Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Acceptance: Poppy Road Review


My poem "Aria of Was" is currently featured on this beautiful journal's website. Simply follow the above link and look for the June 11 entry. Behind the scenes is that wonderful impressario, empress of the eloquent, Sandy Benitez. For many years she has been generously editing/publishing and thereby supplying the poetry world with moving magical poems. Back in 2007, she published a piece of mine called "Candle Under Stars"--and that acceptance, early in my journey as a poet, provided me with reinforcement on my quest to seek Beauty and Truth through my art, as well as the Justice.

I wish I had more time to write and praise Ms. Benitez. Please visit Poppy Road Review. You'll get to see a poignant love poem by me, something I rarely if ever do. More importantly, there are many other beautiful pieces available, providing a constellation of soul-felt journeys.

Be good to yourself and listen to your own heart's songs.


direct link to "Aria of Was":

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