Thursday, November 7, 2013

Poem: Capitol Shirt

This was originally published in Wilderness House Literary Review, and is based, ekphrastically as they say, on an artwork by Maine's brilliant anti-war artist, Natasha Mayers (picture below, used by permission).

Fly Well In the Dark,




Capitol Shirt

a ribcage of policy
flatters the tie.
paunches of marble,
silkblood river red.

small on the cupola,
weathered in green copper,
too shrunk to see.

the blue
of the imported wool
opens without hands,
without ears,

no face.
a humanless

little skulls in the potbelly’s
rotunda. pillars replace
the throat.

just one more
architectural carcass
of another patriarchal

(inspired by “Capitol Shirt,” 2012, Natasha Mayers, Acrylic on postcard, 4x6 inches)


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  1. Chris, I have painting called 'White House with Neat Lawns' on website. It's acrylic on card and measures 30cm x 40cm. You can view it via the search box on my blog by typing the title of the painting in there. If you want to write a poem about it please feel free to do so.