Thursday, April 4, 2013

Acceptance: Contes Macabre

My short story "Comes A Spider" is included in the latest story anthology from Lazarus Media. The entire story is viewable as part of the preview (I think):


Here is the direct link, if the above does not work:

But please buy a copy to support the small press, if you are at all able (only $4).

The story combines horror and philosophy to devastate the logical foundation of a decent reality.

Fly Well In the Dark,


PS: There is one customer review at Amazon, and it starts this way:

Within the opening paragraph of Contes Macabre, one knows that they are in for a treat of the best kind - something as delicious as it is dark, as addictive as pure Colombian sans the comedown, and that whispers of the unfathomable depths of the human mind. Chris Crittenden's Came a Spider [sic], is reminiscent of the great horror writing of old, and one can almost see a flickering apparition of Poe standing behind the author as he typed his story late some night.

reviewer: artworkbykyren

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