Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two Sad Poems at Pyrokinection


Read "Not There" and "Heroins" at Pyrokinection, run by the diligent and resplendent A.J. Huffman.

In the Wake of the Latest School Shooting--

Humanity feels like a huge, dark ugly beast, gnashing itself, as it grows more restless and violent. Here's the thing: How many stories about good acts have received significant time in the media lately?

We reinforce our descent into the kingdom of demons, and dare not look at the stairway that could lead us into a dance with angels.

"We" ...


"We" is really complicated. It means a lot of us in slave houses, a lot of us playing the good obedient sheep, a thin layer of elites at the top, a bevy of dreamers and idealists, both wise and wrong--and all of this taking place in a petri dish of toil, war, greed, hope and love. All of us taking on multiple roles as we shift masks and routines.

The messy maze of 21st century culture runs amok, beyond any competent control.

It is impossble not to be sickened by how dreadfully flawed it all is.


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  1. Ah, if only Morgan Freeman had read this prior to his blurb. Remember Timothy McVeigh did not use a gun and it seems that when our origins started as slime in a caustic ocean we could communicate laterally and as we attempt to individualize ourselves according to our hardwired psyches we are not very nice to our neighbors and leave their rotting corpses on the battlefield