Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Acceptance: The Writing Disorder

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It is an awesome honor that five of my poems have been accepted by The Writing Disorder. I love the ambience of this online zine, which seems based in Los Angeles. (You can send your old-fashioned postal submissions to an address there, care of one of the Editors, C.E. Lukather).

The website is both professionally sculpted and successful in conveying an intense passion for the literary arts. Something about the style is retro yet also edgy. Poets are showcased individually, including a photo and significant bio. It is obvious that great care was taken in choosing the contributors, who bring many well-crafted styles and soaring, daring tongues.

You can buy Writing Disorder t-shirts, some that feature towering minds like Woolf and Joyce, others that play on the insanity of the writer's task. There is even one with Nietzsche on a motorcycle (“Nietzsche Motorworks”).

I can see that TWD is a very special place, and yet more importantly--I feel it. The new Poetry Editor is Juliana Woodhead, who wrote me a marvelous and personalized acceptance letter, including specific praise but also an insightful correction. This is a generous gift, indeed, above and beyond the daily grind of editors, which is already considerable. I bow down to you, Ms. Woodhead!

Every poetry journal has a personality, which involves many aspects, including an excitement factor. TWD gets me very excited through its quality, aesthetic and enthusiasm--its sheer ability to punch through my visors of gray and make me sing of life like a reborn Scrooge. If poetry is your conduit to zest and depth, check out this wonderfully neurotic zine!


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