Friday, February 17, 2012

Review Of My Chapbook, Gordian Butterflies

My chapbook Gordian Butterflies was originally reviewed in Arsenic Lobster a few years ago. Now, thanks to the original reviewer, Lissa Kiernan, the review has been re-posted, as fresh as a spring daisy, at her poetry workshop website,

Read the Review of Gordian Butterflies

Thanks to the considerable attention in Arsenic Lobster, I had over 200 hits on the online version of the chapbook, and I sold 63 hard copies over the next year.

This chapbook indeed contains some of my best writing, and if you want you can view it here:

Read Gordian Butterflies

If you would like a signed personal copy, write to me. The cost is $10 including postage. If you want to support my poetry, for $60 I will hand-write a poem inside the cover. Send requests here:

162 N. Lubec Rd.
Lubec, ME 04652

Donations are always welcome, too.

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