Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shit Creek Craziness

It's hard to be upset with Shit Creek Review when they send you a rejection letter like this--even if you won't be appearing in their ultra-cool, very special End of Days issue.

You've gotta love 'em or hate 'em.



[rejection letter from SCR for their End of Days issue]

Dear [Owl Who Laughs],

Unfortunately you will miss out on the End of the World. The Four Editors of the Apocalypse, in their anonymous selection process, failed to choose your work for the coming End of Days Issue of Shit Creek Review. I apologise for their silly ineptitude, but seek to console you with the thought that at least you will endure on in this interesting World of Sin after the Elect have all buggered off to The Rapture. Carpe diem, and thanks for submitting!


Paulus Stevensis

Shit Creek End of Days Scribe



  1. oh excellent, why aren't all rejection letters like that!

  2. I suggest you submit your next Shit Creek End of Days offering handwritten on 40 pieces of bog roll