Sunday, June 26, 2011

Annoying Fly at Bolts of Silk

My poem "Annoying Fly" is currently featured at Bolts of Silk:

The Featured yet Annoying Fly

After a few days, it will be dislodged as the feature and then you can find it by scrolling down to its debut date: June 26.

Bolts of Silk is run by Juliet Wilson, a fantastic poet and legendary editor in Scotland, with over 20,000 hits on her blogger profile. In addition to her literary accomplishments, she is also a protector and votary of the environment.

I recommend visiting her blog, where you will see aesthetic and vivid pictures of the Scottish wilds, read great poetry, and learn about how to protect our planet:

Crafty Green Poet

Great leaders are hard to find, especially ones who are brilliant poets--but Juliet Wilson has succeeded on both fronts.


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