Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Acceptance: Hell Gate Review

Hell Gate Review takes very little poetry, has a topnotch editorial team with impeccable credentials, and plays an important role in the New York literary world (their source of inspiration is the area around the Hell Gate Bridge).

They took some of my harshest work, the sort that makes me cry on the keyboard. The following three poems were accepted: "Nuclear Monster," "Street Addict," and "Number Cruncher."

They are absolutely professional, which is obvious just from visiting their website, and their poets are phenomenal. (My favorite is Samantha Neugebauer--go to the home page and scroll down. She's max!).

So, this is a true honor. This acceptance is why I spend over a year on some of my poems. "Nuclear Monster," in fact, has been edited for at least two years.

My lifeblood is poetry and this validation of my purpose is a fantastic gift. My words and mind are falling into a black hole of exhaustion -- but yes, yes, yes:

Thank you Hell Gate Editors!


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